Enerscope Systems Inc.

Excelling in Separation Solutions

You want more production and less downtime. Enerscope Systems Inc. is your source for filtration systems with innovative products.

Enerscope Systems Inc. is a supplier of advanced, technology-based products that offer solutions to the oil & gas industry from the wellhead and downhole to refining and distribution. We are your local sales, service, design, and start up source anywhere in the world.

With decades of experience in oilfield engineered solutions, Enerscope Systems Inc. provides the best solutions to meet your individual project requirements. Our experience, coupled with our flexibility as systems integrators, have provided us with the capability to offer the most effective solutions for produced water and wastewater applications.

Enerscope Systems Inc. keeps your fluid stream clean. Here are a few of our common applications:

ESP & PCP Pump Protection; Pipeline Flushing & Testing; FWKO; SAGD; Produced Water Desanding; Waterflood Injection; Frac Water; Brine Filtration; Fire Water Protection; Offshore Production; Disposal Wells; Seawater; Secondary Recovery; Heat Exchanger Protection; Process Cooling Water; Pump Seal Protection; Subsea Production; Tertiary Recovery & Treatment; EOR; and Wellhead Desanding.

Providing clean water (whether it be produced water or seawater) is what we do for the oil & gas industry. Removing solids, oil and other contaminants prior to reuse, reinjection or discharge offshore, is key to our oil & gas producing  customers and to our environment.

Produced water treatment for reuse and reinjection improves the recoverable reserves from a reservoir. To accomplish production performance, we concentrate on the injection water quality.

Whatever your produced water treatment needs, we have the knowledge and solutions to meet your produced water  requirements, enhanced oil recovery, and water treatment solutions for your production, operations and reservoirs. We  treat well water, river water, seawater and produced water for injection or reinjection, onshore and offshore for the oil & gas industry.

Enerscope Systems Inc. is pleased to provide integrated packages and our own packaged systems, which include Hydrocyclones, Desanders, Deoilers, Sand Transport & Sand Washing Systems as well as Self-cleaning Screens & Filters specifically designed for the oil & gas industry.


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Handling Sand in Oil Treating Facilities

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