Enerscope Systems Inc.

Offshore Production Platforms

Offshore Production PlatformsVarious production applications including wellhead desanding, (re)injection, and FWKO protection. Systems designed for every specification, materials and coatings (Monel, SMO 254, Super Duplex, Belzona, Skotchkote 134, etc.).

In 2008, Enerscope self-cleaning screens were installed for seawater injection filtration system on board of a FPSO.

The filtration system is designed for 80,000 bbld and consists of a two stage filtration concept based on the well proven Enerscope self-cleaning screens, 15,000 bbld automatic self-cleaning filters. The first stage (3x50%), with a 50 micron filtration degree, will remove large particles and will protect the second stage (6x20%), which will remove all particles larger then 10 micron. 

The design philosophy is based on successful similar installations onboard the FPSO Espoir and FPSO Abo.



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