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MagnaDriveChevron Corporation is one of the world’s largest oil producers.  In the Asia-Pacific region, Chevron has interests in seven refineries and eight chemical plants, and has produced more than 10 billion barrels of oil over the past 50 years.  To transport their products around the globe, Chevron has a fleet of over 20 oil tankers.  Recently, Chevron contacted MagnaDrive Corporation with a request to help them reduce vibration-caused problems in the Oil Transfer Pumps on one of their Australian-based tankers, the Chevron Vega Voyager.  Because the tanker structure flexes while at sea, misalignment between the pump and its motor was causing accelerated mechanical seal wear, resulting in shortened seal life. 

MagnaDrive’s Application Engineers determined that the best solution for the 20 HP / 3600 rpm Oil Transfer Pumps would be MagnaDrive’s MagnaGuard MGE-07 Coupling.  This solution was presented to Chevron and the decision was made to fly a MagnaDrive employee and a Chevron vibration expert to the Vega Voyager’s Australian port of call for an immediate installation.  

Chevron CorporationResults:
The MagnaDrive MGE-07 Coupling was installed while the Vega Voyager was in port.  The Chevron vibration expert measured a 75% reduction in vibration during pump operation.  Also, the Vega Voyager crew noticed a significant reduction in noise while the pump was running.  Chevron estimates that prior to the installation of the MagnaDrive MGE Couplings, they were replacing the system’s mechanical seals at least twice each year due to the vibration caused by misalignment. Now that the MGE Coupling has been installed, the mechanical seal life is expected to be greatly increased, saving Chevron not only the cost of two seals each year per pump, but also saving the expense associated with the replacement labor and the downtime associated with each seal failure.  Because of the long-term savings potential, Chevron has made the decision to install MagnaDrive MGE Couplings on all Oil Transfer Pump applications in their single hull tanker fleet.  Additionally, Chevron is also looking at other tanker and land-based applications where MagnaDrive’s disconnected technology can have the same economic benefit to their organization.

MagnaDrive’s MGE CouplingsOriginally, Chevron had been using semi-rigid disc couplings on the Oil Transfer Pumps.  Because of the long-term savings potential, the decision to purchase MagnaDrive’s MGE Couplings was made in spite of the fact that the MagnaDrive couplings had a price tag more than triple the cost of the couplings they had been using in the past.  Looking at the maintenance and operating savings realized by the Vega Voyager in relationship to the additional cost, it was clear that a Cash Flow Breakeven Point of less than two months is realized.



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